Market insight Has the door closed on buy-to-let?
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Has the door closed on buy-to-let?

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01 Introduction

For decades, investing in buy-to-let was seen as an attractive and relatively secure way to make money.

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02 How Has The Market Changed?

Buy-to-let was one of Britain’s best-loved investments, with the size of the sector more than doubling over the last 20 years.

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03 The Consequences Of Coronavirus

Since the start of the first government lockdown in March 2020, landlords and tenants have been subject to a similar set of forces as buyers and sellers.

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04 Do The Sums Still Stack Up?

Property has outperformed many other assets over the long term, and with interest rates at historic lows, yields on alternative investments are thin.

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05 Yield Chasing

For as long as the buy-to-let sector has existed, yields have been one of the most important metrics for landlords.

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06 Where Next For Build-To-Rent?

While the growth of the private rented sector has been flat over the last five years, this masks changes in the structure of the sector.

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07 Forecasts

Following two decades of unparalleled growth, the number of private rented households in England peaked in 2016, and the size of the sector has remained broadly stable ever since.

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