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Are you looking to set up a property company?

Our specialist partner, GetGround, offers a bespoke buy-to-let company set-up service to landlords investing in the UK. 

In a busy corporate environment it can, even with the most organised portfolio, it can be difficult to ensure you are getting the most out of your UK property investments, stay on top of the legal documentation and submit your tax returns on time, whether you live within the UK or abroad.

With extensive knowledge and experience in buy-to-let companies and the UK tax model, our partner GetGround's team can assist with everything from helping landlords set up a property company to understanding the most tax-efficient options and managing legal documentation on their behalf.

The buy-to-let company set-up service provided is completely bespoke and tailored to each investor's needs.

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What are the benefits of setting up a buy-to-let company?

  • Tax efficiency
    Deduct your mortgage interest payments from your tax liability, and keep more of your profits.

  • Lower personal risk
    Shield your portfolio if anything goes wrong with one of your properties (like a default or lawsuit).

  • Better together
    Invest with family, friends and partners to spread the risk and get better LTV for your mortgage. Find out more here

The benefits of a GetGround property company

  • Legal documents
    Purpose-built legal documents to protect your investment, set up director's loan and shares transfer.

  • Easy-open business account
    Your company gets its own business account so that you can see all transactions in one place.

  • Tax returns
    GetGround will handle your accounts and tax returns for £21.98 per month.

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