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Building a buy to let portfolio

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01 Building a buy-to-let portfolio

In this report we draw on the lessons learnt from the past about how investors have made money. We look at what the future might hold and how this should shape the way new investors begin their buy-to-let journey, or grow an existing portfolio.

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02 How landlords have made their money

Unlike some other investments, landlords can reap returns from two income streams; regular rental income and on the sale of the property or when it’s remortgaged.

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03 The power of portfolio growth

We track how a portfolio evolved for someone who invested £50,000 into a limited company in the mid-1990s which was used to purchase buy-to-let property in different regions.

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04 In Conclusion

As the caveat on any investment product will tell you, past performance is no guide to future returns, but there are still plenty of lessons we can learn from the experience of growing a portfolio which can help form a strategy for the future.

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05 8 lessons Landlords should learn

All investors aim to achieve the highest yield they possibly can. Yet, typically, it’s the price they pay for their property rather than the rent it commands which makes the largest difference to their returns.

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Market insight reports

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