Living on a houseboat

Ever considered living peacefully along the riverside in your own permanent home? It would seem that more and more people are choosing to ditch bricks and mortar and move to the water. What doesn’t sound appealing about al fresco deck dining and feeding the ducks from your bedroom porthole?

There are many benefits to living on a houseboat, but there are also things to consider before taking the plunge. The fresh air and outdoor lifestyle that is available is definitely a seller for many, and not to mention the unrivalled waterside views. You are able to enjoy all the benefits of living on water, for example; fishing and boating on a daily basis. There are also some financial advantages to permanently residing on a houseboat, for instance the exception of stamp duty and council tax, for continuous cruisers, is a key attraction for many. It also offers the opportunity to live in prime locations and city centres at a fraction of the local house prices.

It is important to consider which boat is right for you – not all houseboats are able to move freely along the river as some do not have engines. That being said, many larger boats do have the potential to be converted in a floating homes, this could be a Narrowboat or a Tugboat for example. Another point to keep in mind are some of the fees that are involved with living on a houseboat, such as; mooring fees and maintenance costs. It is all about finding the right boat that suits your needs so why not try before you buy and book some time away on a houseboat for a short period of time just to get a flavour of what your new life could be like.

St Katharine Docks

Take a look at this fantastic houseboat that is available through Hamptons. At the height of elegance and luxury, Port is moored in St. Katherine’s Dock in London and is quite the showpiece. This houseboat comes with plenty of outside space with three deck areas in total, adding up to 120 m2 of outdoor space. Not only is the outside space impressive, the interiors are very special too. Aside from all the usual mod cons, Port’s kitchen includes a bar, there’s a cosy cinema and smoking room with full extraction and a built-in projector connection.


We also have this superb vessel set in the heart of Bristol City Centre which optimises city living at its best and could have you feeling as if you are in a stylish yet charming waterside cottage. This 88ft long Dutch barge comes with full residential mooring and benefits from masses of natural light. The boat has been fitted with a new PU solar panel system that provides electricity, heating is supplied by a recently installed air source heating system and solar panels, and it is also connected to the mains drains system.