Andrew Gillies

Meet Andrew Gillies, a seasoned property professional and advocate for mental health.

Published under Hamptons and Our blog — Nov 2023
Andrew Gillies

This week we are celebrating International Men's Day, and we are sharing profiles of role model men who are bravely advocating about mental health.  

  Andrew Gillies

Meet Andrew Gillies, a seasoned property professional and advocate for mental health, whose journey at Hamptons is a testament to the power of learning, nurturing talent, and prioritising mental well-being in the workplace.




Andrew, with a 15-year tenure in the property industry, served a decade in the front office tackling a multitude of challenges in lettings. His drive for evolution and passion for mentoring newcomers prompted him to join the Learning and Development (L&D) team at Hamptons during the pandemic.

Currently, he designs and conducts training across multiple dimensions - from refining soft skills and enhancing communication to the intricate aspects of compliance and anti-money-laundering.

As an ongoing learner, Andrew finds joy in enabling others to perform at their best. The highlights of his career are the 'eureka' moments he witnesses in his colleagues - their triumphs reflect his own.

Beyond his property expertise, Andrew is a certified Mental Health First Aider. The fluctuating nature of the property industry can take a toll on mental health, leading Andrew to advocate for self-care and support in the workplace. After his course, Andrew became a confidante for colleagues around the business, providing a listening ear and offering guidance when needed.

As we commemorate International Men’s Day, the importance of having open conversations about mental health becomes even more paramount. Andrew emphasises the benefit of talking through your feelings with friends, family, or someone outside of your regular circle. It's essential to show empathy towards those around us, as we can never truly know the stress and anxiety someone might be grappling with internally.

As part of his own mental health regimen, Andrew took up running. He advocates for the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, whether it's a stroll in the sunshine or a more vigorous exercise routine. It doesn't have to be long - just 10, 20 or 30 minutes can make a world of difference.

Andrew explains that mental health should be treated just like any other ailment. If you’re sick: visit a doctor, and if you’re struggling with mental health, find support in any form.

In Andrew Gillies, Hamptons has a dedicated professional and a compassionate advocate for mental health. His story is a testament to the power of talking, supporting, and caring for one another in the workplace and beyond.

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