Market Insight

Summer 2020

Economy - Incomes & inequality

Economists are divided over the shape of the coming recession. Will it be V-shaped, that is, a sharp decline followed by a rapid rebound? Or U-shaped, with recovery taking longer to arrive?

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Focus - What next for house prices?

There is much talk of a ‘new normal’ but much less agreement as to what the changes to the economy caused by the pandemic mean for the housing market.

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Market Metrics

After a promising start to the year, the lockdown measures introduced to control the spread of Covid-19 put a halt on housing market activity.

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Lettings - Time to let

The rapid bounceback in lettings demand in recent weeks may be heartening, with enquiries starting to surge as soon as the government re-opened the housing market in mid-May.

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Sales - Kissing goodbye to the bright lights

There are two reasons for the new resurgence of the suburbs, one of the strongest trends of the summer of 2020.

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Focus special - Moving to the country

A greater willingness to contemplate a move to the country may be one of the longer-lasting consequences of lockdown.

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