Four reasons to consider Build to Rent

Learn more about Build to Rent, housing designed specifically with renting in mind, offering flexibility, amenities, and a community feel.

Published under Our blog and Renting — Oct 2022
Four reasons to consider Build to Rent

Renting is becoming more and more popular, especially within the UK. Nowadays young consumers tend to now want a lifestyle that provides them with an array of options and an aspect of flexibility. Build to Rent (BTR) is designed specifically with this in mind and has become an emerging and exciting option within the housing market that reflects priorities of modern consumers.

Why consider Build to Rent?

1)       Build to rent accommodation delivers exceptional quality, and along with that comes many added extras and amenities. Multiple BTR schemes we have at Hamptons come with purpose built gyms, communal social spaces, rooftop gardens, health and wellbeing facilities, concierge services and pet facilities. Convenience is a vital factor, a BTR tenant will have everything they need within their home.  

2)       Over a 3rd of renters in the UK struggle to get their landlord to carry out essential repairs on their property.  However, within our BTR services all appliances that are provided are new and also owned and managed by one single landlord who provide onsite maintenance meaning you will not have to wait around for a repair!  

3)       1 in 6 renters are on a short-term lease in the UK and 1 in 6 renters have  had their rent unfairly increased. BTR new homes provide tenancy options up to 3 years. This alleviates  any worry that the private landlord may evict the tenant or  increase costs.

4)       Brand new build to rent developments are now trying different ways to make properties more energy efficient due to the energy crisis that everyone is struggling with. Some developments are also going one step further and carrying out initiatives that help to reduce carbon footprint.

Hamptons are respected for being an experienced specialist in Build to Rent (BTR) and continue to work closely with a range of schemes of all sizes in London, the south east, and UK-Wide. Are you looking for a new rental and want to find out more information on the BTR schemes available? Our dedicated team of specialist consultants service both PRS and Build to Rent, and with over 750 interconnected offices nationwide we seamlessly service the entire spectrum of the market.


Are you interested in a BTR scheme?

Please have a look at the Built To Rent sites we have available 


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