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We pride ourselves on relevant and insightful analysis that spans all sectors of the UK housing market. By taking economic, political, social and cultural drivers into account we aim to put the housing market into a real-life context at both a macro and micro level.

Hamptons International is part of Countrywide, the largest property services group in the UK. This enables us to draw on a rich and diverse pool of property data which includes sales and lettings, mortgage and surveying. We are deemed to have some of the UK’s best and most reliable property data, which provides us with a fully rounded view of the housing market.

Market Insight Summer 2020

Economists are divided over the shape of the coming recession. Will it be V-shaped, that is, a sharp decline followed by a rapid rebound? Or U-shaped, with recovery taking longer to arrive? Or even W-shaped, with a second slump following the first?

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London Newsletter Summer 2020

The late spring of 2020 will undoubtedly go down in the history books as one of the most tumultuous in British history.

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Lettings Index June 2020

The June lettings index provides us with the first opportunity to report on how the economic damage caused by Covid-19 has impacted rents on newly let properties.

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The Chancellor's Summer Statement

In his Summer Statement the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, outlined a range of measures designed to retain jobs, create employment and kickstart the economy.

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Hamptons Lettings Index May 2020

Capital growth, is we know, important to landlords. While rents provide a regular monthly income stream, a large proportion of an investors’ overall return comes from house price growth.

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What next for house prices?

There is much talk of a ‘new normal’ but much less agreement as to what the changes to the economy caused by the pandemic mean for the housing market.

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Londoners heading out of town

Londoners, it seems, are on the move and they're heading out of town. In April 15%, or three out of 20 applicants, who registered in one of our branches outside London were from the capital.

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