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In recent years there has been a marked increase in the demand for short term accommodation. Corporate organisations often require superior rental properties for their staff on a short term basis and this, along with demand for event related rentals, has boosted the short term let market considerably.

As such we are actively seeking landlords who wish to offer their rental properties on a short let basis. The benefits of short term lets can be huge. Along with the greater propensity to enjoy a higher rental return on a week by week basis, landlords who let for the short term often enjoy greater security, safe in the knowledge that corporate and event clients are trusted tenants who arrive with few complications and demands.

If you wish to take advantage of short term let opportunities, we have a specialist service designed to help landlords who wish to let their rental homes on short stay basis. Our team offers a complete short term let service designed to minimise rental voids and maximise rental returns in a seamless manner. Our team will provide superior marketing designed to promote your property exclusively to individuals and companies actively looking for short term accommodation. They will also; manage tenancy agreements, undertake inventories, secure deposits, attend check-ins and organise rental payments on your behalf.

We currently have demand for a wide variety of properties in all manner of locations, furnished or unfurnished. From short stay city centre apartments, to large country homes for short term weekend retreats, we are confident that we can successfully let your property on a short term basis.

Are you in search of a short-term rental property instead of letting? Explore our curated selection of short term rentals across the southern UK. If you're heading to London, be it for a leisurely escape or a business journey, look through our available short lets in London to find your perfect match.

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Short lets for sporting events

If you have a rental property in close proximity to a sporting venue, our bespoke sports let service could help.

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Commercial / filming locations

We can source locations for filming, photographic shoots, and events. Whatever your project criteria, we have properties to suit your needs.

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View our Short Lets Guide to find out everything you need to know about letting your property.


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