Make a feature of your fireplace

Making your fireplace the centrepiece of a feature wall can add style and character to the heart of your home. Find all the design inspiration you need to imagine the look, your way.
Style with Substance

Style with Substance

For fireplace accent wall ideas, this magnificent mansion home in Crawley is bursting with inspiration. A combination of classic features, this elegant fireplace surround with cornicing and modern touches of feature wallpaper shows real flair. Even the most experienced decorator will find inspiration from such a well-executed design.

One idea you might like to try is wallpaper panels. Choose a design in an accent colour that matches a key piece of your furniture – or consciously clashes with it. Select picture frames as plain or ornate as you like along with your paper cut to size. Best of all, when you tire of the look, these frames can be easily changed and updated; no decorator required.

Dressing a fireplace will add a striking modern touch. This simple, white-washed surround elevates a well-curated row of earthenware pots and easy-to-care-for succulents. This look encapsulates cool loft living.

A bold grey surround is instantly modern and timeless. The mirror frame and contemporary chandelier work especially well in creating a cool, calm, and collected look. If this is too cold for you, add warmth with soft furnishings. Yellow, orange, or electric blue cushions and throws sit beautifully against grey.

Another simple and eye-catching trick is to mount a modern painting or print on the chimney breast. This black and white example stands out and the pebble-like shapes help to break up the otherwise dominant horizontal lines.

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Warmth with elegance

Warmth with elegance

For feature fireplace wall colour ideas the only limit is your imagination. The ornate fireplace and arched alcoves of this stunning townhouse display the understated grandeur. Pale walls, gold-framed mirror and traditional paintings tie in beautifully with the period features. The emphasis is reflected in geometry and proportion typical of the Georgian era.

Quirk with character

Just as faces are defined by a single feature, the character of some rooms is determined by the fireplace. This dominant stone surround is a love-it or hate-it example, with clever styling of the elegant fireguard, gilt birds, and angular furniture.

Similar bold styling can be seen in this fireplace-come-library creation. Other ways to style an otherwise ‘dormant’ fireplace include floral displays, cacti, logs or firewood, pottery and artwork, lanterns, candles… you name it. If it fits in it’s an option, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Whatever your starting point, whether it’s a cast iron classic or contemporary tile fireplace, all fireplace feature walls should have one thing in common – adding focus or contrast to the natural centre of attention – the fireplace itself.

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