The value of a garden

We surveyed our clients to find out what their garden means to them. We discovered that they have become vital, and a key decision maker when moving home.

Published under Our blog — May 2022
The value of a garden

We cherished outdoor space even more over lockdown, but how valuable how they really become?

In the run up to Chelsea Flower Show, we surveyed our clients to find out what their garden means to them. We discovered that they have become vital, with 61% of those that have moved in the last two years stating that outdoor space was a very important factor when choosing a home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world were forced to re-evaluate the function of their homes, becoming places of work, leisure and escapism. And, as many of impacts of COVID begin to ease, flexible working seems here to stay for many, In fact 55% of our respondents say they expect to continue to work from home more going forward.

The garden offers a unique private space in a post-COVID world, and 5% of respondents specifically discussed how their garden and work lives intersect. One described the benefits of a garden during lockdown, “Working from home, being able to step into our small garden has been beneficial for our mental health”. And, they are not alone, the health benefits of green space are undeniable.

But, gardens are a labour of love for many, and 56% of respondents describe gardening as a hobby of theirs. In addition, 78% of respondents invest financially in their garden every year, and 16% say they invest more on their garden than they do on interior home improvements, While 39% say they have plans for a home office or garden room in the future.

There are a myriad of uses for outdoors spaces, with 92% of respondents considering the garden a social space. Alfresco dining, playing with children outside or simply spending time with family in the sunshine were all frequently mentioned.

Of our respondents, 57% would consider moving for more outdoor space, with some clients discussing that they “wouldn’t move anywhere without a garden now”, and that their small garden was the “main reason why we moved”. Moving house for more space has been a consistent trend throughout the pandemic, as short commutes became less important. This research suggests that the high value placed on gardens is here to stay.

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