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Caribbean Property

Most first time visitors to the region defined as the Caribbean react in a predictable fashion: Lots of oohs and aahs. And they’re surprised; because in fact The Caribbean Islands—and their cousin countries to the North, Bermuda and The Bahamas—deliver on all of the travel agent’s or travel website’s promises. The water is just as clear, the beaches are just as clean and unspoiled, and you really can find your own stretch of deserted shoreline miles from the nearest Wave Runner and Parasailer. 

Within the Caribbean and Atlantic Island region, there are approximately 34 countries with many different political systems, cultures, languages, tax regimes, currency and title systems.  What they have in common is growing economies due to the attractiveness to Europeans, Canadians and Americans of year-round warm temperatures, gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise waters and the availability of water related leisure activities.  Because each jurisdiction has its own unique characteristics, the economic growth cycles will vary significantly.  These countries have become home to thousands of working expatriates and have been targeted for investment by hundreds of thousands more.  The combination of being able to invest by making a Real Estate purchase which can also be used as a winter get-a-way is powerful inducement indeed.

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