Working from home

Working from home will no doubt become the new normal over the coming weeks. So for those of us who will spend endless hours in front of our laptops, creating a workspace that is not only practical, but also inviting must be put straight to the top our to do list. A happy workstation is not only effective in improving productivity but can also have a direct impact on our overall wellbeing. We’ve put together 5 simple ways for you to brighten up your working from home area.

1. Let the sunshine in

There is no better feeling than walking into a room where the sunlight bursts through the windows, and we all know nothing matches the benefits that natural day light can bring. Make sure you find a space that has plenty of natural light, you’ll begin to reap the benefits as soon as the warmth of the sun hits your skin.

2. Green means go!

Much like a window, a pop of colour can brighten any space where brick and stone often dominate the visual. An indoor plant on your desk or in the corner of a room instantly reminds us of the outdoors and has the added benefit of improving the air quality too.

3. Ground your space

Rugs can help zone a space and bring comfort to focus on work. Along with being a simple way to bring pattern and colour to a potentially neutral floor space, it’s also proven to be an effective form of sound-absorption. Just be sure to find a rug that fit’s both your desk and chair.

4. Make it personal

Art is the ultimate form of expression and by introducing prints or photos to your work space you’ll see an instant injection of your own character and personality. Along with a huge choice of inspirational quotes to choose from, it will help motivate you to work through that check list in no time.

5. It’s all about you

Whilst your work space is vital to a productive and positive day, your overall wellbeing will have the biggest impact. With that in mind, remember to stay hydrated, take breaks and chose furniture that’s comfortable to your body.

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