Considering a second home?


The noticeable rise in the number of second home owners ultimately comes down to the change in lifestyle caused by the events of the pandemic. Buyer’s prerequisites have changed, while they once wanted to live within easy access to the city and a short distance from a station, they are now looking in more remote pockets of the countryside. It is clear that for many they have no desire to divest themselves of their principle residence, but they are now keen to ensure they have access to a house in the country too, giving them the best of both worlds.

With the ability to now work independently from the city and with the hospitality sector at a standstill, access to a station has become redundant. Instead, people are looking for larger homes with green spaces and recreational facilities as they are now spending more time at home than ever before. The benefits of acquiring a home both in the city and in the country means that as restrictions ease and the city opens up again they are able to jump right back into the urban and commuter lifestyle, whilst still having access to that life in the country that they have become accustomed to.

For some, this feels like a permanent change to their living arrangements and being able to switch between city and country will become long term. Whereas for others, they see this set up as a temporary way to handle lockdown and have chosen to rent a property in the country on a short term basis.

Take a look below at some of our favourite second homes in the country, available for sale or for rent:

Glebe House, Bath

This striking county home sits within beautiful private gardens and is surrounded by countryside hills and land. This property offers peace and tranquillity and gives the occupiers a taste of true village life.

Hambutts Cottages, Painswick

This charming stone cottage nestled in a delightful Cotswold setting is the ideal country home. Not only is it surrounded by beautiful countryside, there is also an extensive range of social, recreational and retail amenities to suit all tastes.

Riversdale, Buckinghamshire

This charming boathouse in Bourne End is situated along the River Thames with uninterrupted riverside views. This is the perfect second home when looking for an escape from busy city life as it is the ultimate relaxing getaway. The property also benefits from mooring for fun weekend adventures.

Somerset Lane, Somerset

This stunning contemporary style home offers spacious living and access to masses of natural light. The property has been built into the valley hill benefitting from private views over the protected woodland which backs directly on to the garden, allowing the occupiers easy access to the countryside.

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