Thinking of sprucing up your living room or lounge?

These refreshing wallpaper ideas will give any room a classic or modern feel.

Wallpaper is back and more popular than ever. If you’re seeking inspiration for what is typically the house’s largest room, look no further than these fresh ideas. With such variety readily available - from contemporary trends to the latest fashionable wallpaper designs, there’s something for everyone. Updating your wallpaper is an easy way to showcase your personality. Wallpaper is surprisingly diverse, allowing you to transform your home - whatever your taste.

Modern and contemporary

Make a big impact with abstract patterns, geometrics, textured impressions or novel designs. Decorative wallpapers, such as floral, botanical and tropical prints are huge right now. There are wallpapers, for example, that detail foliage of all sizes – so you can design your own pattern and tailor it to suit your space. Ideal for nature lovers and those wanting to bring the outdoors inside.

The wow factor

Fabric and paint effect wallpaper will forever be stylish, and both scream luxury. For classic refinement, try a repeating design, such as a chevron. Or how about something more traditional? Mixing co-ordinating wallcoverings with fabrics is a trick that designers use to add elegance to a room. Pinstripe wallpaper is back in the spotlight and is synonymous with Manhattan hotels. Why? Because stripes add height to a space and instantly offer grandeur. You might like to add drama with dark-coloured wallpaper – great for deepening the tone.

Styling your room

Employ design cheats to make a room feel bigger or to create the perception of depth. Go for neutral colours and delicate textures in small rooms and unique, busy patterns in larger spaces. Warm up a living room with cheerful shades or add to the ambience and existing dark wood furniture with brownish hues. Don’t let the size of the room limit your creativity. Consider matching your colour themes by selecting wallpaper that brings out the tones of your fixtures and fittings. The overall effect will harmonise the details of your home, giving real impact. This semi-detached house in Buckinghamshire co-ordinates colour to suit varying room sizes very well.