Filming your Property

As the majority of people start their house hunting journey online, it will come as no surprise that photography of a property is an extremely important factor. However, with the current situation the natural progression of viewing properties in person is not an option, which has meant a large increase in customers requesting to see properties in a different way; via video tours.

At Hamptons we are trying to offer video tours for as many of our properties as we can, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean a professional will be coming into your home to film. Instead you will be filming your property for us where possible, which is why we have put together some top tips on how you can create the perfect video tour of your property.

1. Speak to your Agent

Before you embark on videoing your property speak to your contact at Hamptons, who will advise you on which parts of your property to include in your filming.

2. Pre Recording Property Checks

Ensure your property is clean and tidy, lights are on where necessary, and try not to get any people in the recording of your property. Furthermore, if there is anything in the property that you would rather not show we advise you remove it before filming e.g. family photos, high value items etc.

Further details about how to prepare your property for sale, can be found here.

3. Final Checks

Before filming there are several technical tips to remember; firstly we suggest doing a test run of your way around the property to ensure you have the best route, also make sure the flash is not on, whilst filming be careful that your fingers don’t appear in shot, and finally there is no need for commentary, your agent will talk the customer through the tour.

4. Orientation

All property videos should be recorded in portrait, this will allow you to get as much of your property in one shot as possible.

5. Timing

The tour should not be too long, ideally less than two minutes. If this isn’t possible, we would suggest short clips of different rooms, rather than a full walk through.

6. Start Outside

Where possible you might want to start your video by coming through the front door, and taking your viewers on a journey through your property, so that viewers can experience your home as they would during an in-person viewing.

7. Show the Size

After entering each room stand in the corner in order to try to show the full size of the room, keeping windows behind you where you can.

8. Gardens and Views

If you have a garden or a view and the weather is nice be sure to include either in your video.