While it’s often a case of working with what you’ve got, accent walls are an easy and cost-friendly way to revamp your main living space and add personality to a room. An accent wall is one that differs from the rest. This quick decorating device is always effective and takes little effort. Stick to our tips and you’ll soon have a distinct look from floor to ceiling.

Pick a side

Pick a unique wall that stands out from the others. The wall facing you as you enter a room is often the best one to make a feature of. Any wall that grabs your attention with a focal point of its own such as a fireplace, a built-in bookcase, or a large window will work well.

What’s in a colour?

If your walls are naturally light, choose accent wall colours for your living room in earthy tones to balance the room. Bright tones against white walls or flooring can look modern and stark – which might be exactly what you’re looking for to make a statement. However, if you want to make an even more powerful impact, go grey…

Grey feature wall living room ideas

How about painting yourself a grey living room with a feature wall? Grey is a smart and sophisticated choice for an edgy and modern look. From pale hues to deep charcoals, grey creates a cool and soothing feeling – it’s up to you to add character with your choice of accessories. Complement your base with splashes of bright and bold colours or understated pinks and blues.

Decorate like a pro

Whether luscious-patterned wallpapers, rich material drapes or high-end paint – by blending texture on a subtle tonal spectrum your feature wall can become a centrepiece. Texture adds dimension to a room and conveys mood and depth. Rough or sleek, visual and tactile forms appeal to our senses. Conscious choices about how to use texture will make your room more interesting.

Dress it up

Draw attention to existing focal points using the architectural elements of your walls, such as wood panelling, fixture lights or brickwork. Hang a large-scale painting centrally to make a strong statement or go big with your family art. Organise your favourite photos in unusual frames at the same height to create a noteworthy wall feature – a gallery technique to make your room appear larger.

As when decorating any space, be sure to pick dark or bold schemes for larger rooms and keep it light and laid-back in smaller spaces.

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