5 Tips to get your Garden Summer Ready

With the lovely weather upon us, and the country currently on lockdown, here at Hamptons we are all talking about our gardens and sharing ways to ensure they are ready for summer. Whether you have a small or large garden, a roof terrace or balcony, there are tips below to help create the beautiful outside space you may have been craving.

‘The key thing at this time of year is to make sure to enrich your soil, whether you are planting on a balcony or in the garden. In our permaculture garden we take numerous steps to prepare our soil. We have a compost heap, five different kinds of elaeagnus that fix nitrogen in the soil and all of the growing bays in our garden are mulching under four inches of wood chip delivered by tree surgeons working in the area.’ Alex Smith, Alara Founding Director and member of the London Gardens Trust family.

1. Add a new flower bed

If you have some lawn to spare, digging out a bed and adding new plants or flowers can instantly inject some colour and fun into your garden. You may like a single colour of plants, or opt for a rainbow coloured blooms. For those without a lawn, investing in some flower pots to add a variety of plants to is always a good option.

2. Hanging boxes/baskets

Hanging baskets are perfect for all outdoor spaces no matter the shape or size. Whether it’s hung from a fence or the side of your property a basket full of flowers is the perfect way to add a splash of colour and texture to your garden or outside space.

3. Get your lawn in shape

Everybody has their own way of cutting the grass, but we suggest a fortnightly cut in early spring and then to cut weekly heading into late spring and over summer. Additionally, cutting into and focusing on the edges will make your borders look instantly more refined.

4. Outdoor Lights

Hanging outdoor lights is a simple way to add a glow to your garden. Whether they’re battery, solar or electric, there are a number of shapes, tones and sizes to choose from and you can hang them through trees, on bushes, or attach them to your property or fence. And on those warmer summer evenings you will be able to sit outside after the sun goes down.

5. Grow your own food

No matter what outside space you have there is always the option to grow your own, whether you create a mini vegetable patch or grow your own herbs, there is nothing better than home grown produce and the satisfaction of knowing it was you who grew it.